• 【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad
  • 【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad
  • 【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad
  • 【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad
  • 【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad
  • 【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad
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【Hot Sell】Best Puppy Potty Pad


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Everyone knows that pet dogs are cute, but if they shit everywhere in the house, the owners will be tired. The Indoor Potty is exactly what you need for your pet! With this Puppy Potty Pad, dogs can cultivate the habit of peeing in a fixed place, which is very convenient for owners!👍

A great way to train dogs! Every time dogs answer their nature‘s call on the pad, you can give corresponding rewards, gently patting them or feed some food they like so that they can exercise the ability to answer nature's call in a fixed place.

So practical for owners! Whether you're at work, out on the town or asleep, your pooch doesn't have to tie its legs in a knot until you can take him out. You don't have to dread your dog's call of nature in the middle of the night or during rain. 


Convenient and Easy to use: The Pad is made of high-strength resin material, which is beautiful and practical. The grid can be taken out freely, and it can also be used as a general flat toilet. Put in a pet diaper with strong water absorption and strong deodorization to create a cleaner and more comfortable sanitary environment. For the first use, you can spray a pet stool inducer on the diaper to guide the dog to a fixed place.

How to use:

  • Open the side press buckle and lift it up.
  • Spread pet diapers flat on the toilet.
  • Put down and fasten the buckle.


  • Artificial turf, fun and safe
  • Three-layer leak-proof, beautiful and practical
  • Develop good habits for dogs to pee in the fixed palce
  • Train the dog and interact well with the owner
  • No worry about the smell at home anymore


  • Weight: 36.402 oz
  • Size: 18*13*1.97 inches

Package Includes:

1*puppy potty pad


This product is suitable for puppies and small dogs who do not go out frequently

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