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【Hot Sell】Portable Outdoor Barbecue Stove


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Want to eat DIY BBQ but afraid of oily smoke? You must try this smokeless portable BBQ Stove!

Four unique advantages:

【Healthy BBQ!】 The built-in independent charcoal box separates the charcoal and the fire. There is a circular baffle above the charcoal box to prevent oil from dripping and splashing. The charcoal fire does not directly contact the food, and does not produce harmful substances such as oil fume and nitrosamines. The food is clean and delicious.
【Fast BBQ!】 The inner stainless steel heat-reflecting stove cavity can prevent heat loss and reflect the heat to the grilling net; the bottom is equipped with a battery-driven fan, the wind power is adjustable, and a strong fire can be achieved in three minutes!
【Smokeless BBQ!】 The air is sucked into the bottom fan system from the outside of the stove, and then injected into the bottom of the carbon box through blast technology. The carbon in contact with the air will be fully burned, and the carbon dioxide produced by the combustion will be discharged from the periphery of the carbon box into the outside air, forming an independent cycle. Say goodbye to the smoky mist, this is a breathing BBQ stove!
【Safe BBQ!】 The grilling net is fixed on the oven by a metal buckle, and the charcoal is in a closed container. The charcoal will not fall out even if the oven is overturned. Children in the family can rest assured. Double shell structure, the shell is not hot, it can be directly served on the table and moved by hand.

Based on the above four advantages, you can use this stove for simple and fast barbecues anytime, anywhere. You can not only barbecue in the suburbs. You can also barbecue at home. You can even grill on a fast-moving boat. Self-driving trips, camping, weekend parties, from the outdoors to the beach to the garden to the balcony, innovative technology makes barbecue a part of people’s lives.

This smoke-free convenient barbecue artifact will completely subvert your knowledge of barbecue! This year's BBQ starts with this portable smokeless BBQ stove!.

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