• Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
  • Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
  • Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
  • Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
  • Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
  • Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
  • Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
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Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light

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It’s part science, part magic, and all fun! This plasma sphere responds to your touch, sending rays of light wherever your fingertips go. You’ll surprise your friends and add a special ambiance to any room of the house. 


Responds to Music and Sound 

It's not only the static electricity ball that follows your every touch with electric beams, but also a response to music! It’s like a real-life music visualizer, swirling, and pulsing to the beat in unique patterns. 


Perfect for Curious Science Minds 

If your children are the curious type that is always surprised by all things science, they’ll be absolutely entranced by the tesla ball. Help them discover the secrets of plasma in a way that’s larger than life and completely safe. It also can be a cat toy.


An Exciting Party Surprise 

What’s the best way to add extra fun to any party instantly? Let everyone interact with the static electricity orb as an icebreaker and conversation starter. Or watch it dance to the music and add a nice lighting effect to any party environment.



  • INTERACTIVE: These plasma balls have two different interactive modes. The 1st mode is a touch-sensitive show of multi-colored lights and the 2nd mode reacts to your touch and sound!
  • PLUGIN: This plasma nebula lightening ball is powered by a 6-foot plug-in cord. No batteries required for endless excitement.
  • GREAT FOR DECORATION: This Green 7" plasma ball is a great decor for your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else! It'll create a super cool science like atmosphere.
  • GREAT FOR A PARTY: These Plasma Balls are perfect for your next party! They can easily be moved to create an awesome atmosphere everybody will love.
  • SCROLL DOWN To find out more about how to use it & why you will love to own one for yourself!!


  • Weight: 1080g
  • Size: 26*17*17cm
  • Color: Red/Green/Blue
  • Material: Soda-lime glass
  • Package includes: 1 x Plasma Nebula Thunder Lighting Light
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