• Smartphone Projector - Create A Small Home Theater
  • Smartphone Projector - Create A Small Home Theater
  • Smartphone Projector - Create A Small Home Theater
  • Smartphone Projector - Create A Small Home Theater
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Smartphone Projector - Create A Small Home Theater


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😍Want to project your favorite movie on the wall?

This projector is specially designed for smartphones. With it, you only need a mobile phone and you can lean on the bed while eating popcorn and watching a movie.


IMAGE ENLARGEMENT - The projector can project the video/movie played on your phone to the wall, providing 8x image magnification, it fits phones up to a maximum size of 80mm x 160mm and 3.2 x 5.7 inches. Please note both the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will fit inside this product.


EXCELLENT GIFT - The simplest principle of light and shadow and lenses are used to enlarge the screen, and projection can be achieved with a simple mobile phone. Although it cannot be compared with a regular professional projector, it will definitely be a very interesting gift. 


EASY OPERATION - When using it, put your iPhone or Android smartphone into it, after putting it away, push it in to watch. It should be noted that phone brightness must be turned up to 100% and for maximum effectiveness use in a dark room and project onto a smooth white surface.



  • Materials: Cardboard & Glass lens
  • Color: As the picture you see
  • Size: 8.3''x6.7''x4''


  1. Projecting on a white wall is better, and the darker the indoor environment, the better. Firstly you will feel that the picture is darker, so you need time to adapt;
  2. For videos with subtitles, the subtitles cannot be displayed in the forward direction, and the display is in the reverse direction. This is a great pity for this product, and those who mind are careful to shoot.


  1. if the image is upside down, just flip the phone directly;
  2. If the graphics are reversed: (a) Android phones can go to "google play" and download the "ultimate rotaion contro" software to control the image flip.(b) For the iPhone, it can be adjusted by "Settings"-"General"-"Accessibility"-"assistive Touch"-Device-Rotation-Horizontal Left/Horizontal Right in the phone. (There are instructions in the box)

Package includes:

1*Free installation of projection box, 1*magnifying lens, other accessories 


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